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Hikvision brings decades of experience to the world of CCTV Systems. Hikvision provides a seamless integration of system components, resulting in an exceptional user experience. From video capture to video processing and storage, to video management, Hikvision designs and manufactures a full line of innovative products.

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Analog Camera

The operation of an analog camera begins with a CCD sensor. The image is captured and then it is digitized for processing. After processing the image is converted to analog signals and transferred to an analog device for either monitoring or recording. Analog cameras require less or no maintenance compared to IP cameras. Analog cameras has a wide range of selection including cameras that could capture high resolution, bright and accurate videos.

Smart IP Cameras

Smart IP brings intelligence, efficiency, and convenience to video surveillance. Enriched with Smart technologies, Hikvision’s Smart IP cameras, Smart PTZ Dome cameras, and Smart NVRs are all designed to deliver Smart security in the modern marketplace.

Smart PTZ dome cameras

Based on Hikvision ISP (Image Signal Processing) technology, the HD camera modules can provide 3 MP (2048×1536), 2 MP (1920×1080) and 1.3MP (1280×960) real-time HD. The 36x zoom capability enables a closer view to capture more detail. Using progressive scan sensors, the camera modules deliver true color representation and clear images of fast-moving objects.

Turbo HD cameras

Hikvision Turbo HD cameras allow you capture videos in high resolution with both 720P and 1080P settings. They have adopted the new HD TVI (High Definition Transport Video Interface) technology. The adaptation allows to transmit HD videos for longer range, without any video loss or delays. The cameras are in-built with True Day/Night and Smart IR technology, enabling them to produce clear and bright capture even in low-light situations. Their IR wave travels for nearly 20-40 meters. All cameras are tested-weatherproof.


DVR is the abbreviated form for Digital Video Recorder. DVR is one of the central pieces in a surveillance system. Its main function is to record and store all video footages captured by the CCTV cameras in the system. The performance of a DVR varies with its in-built functions, storage capacity, and the ability to handle cameras. DVR uses an in-built media to store CCTV videos.


NVR is the abbreviation for Network Video Recorder. It is a software program typically runs on a dedicated device with an operating system. The main purpose of the device is to record videos in digital format over a storage media

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