Electronic Article Surveillance

EAS Systems

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems are designed to help retailers boost their sales and protect their profits by increasing open merchandising opportunities while reducing shoplifting and internal theft. Our EAS systems are engineered and manufactured for superb detection and deactivation performance, durability, ease-of-use, and aesthetics to match any d├ęcor. With innovative acousto-magnetic technology behind many of our solutions, retailers experience virtually no false alarms

Theft Detection System

EAS systems use one or more pedestals or antennas configured to create a surveillance zone at exits or checkout lanes. Pedestals can provide visible deterrence while concealed systems offer more discreet protection for upscale retail environments.

Security Tags

security tags are made with best-in-class design practices for exceptional detection performance, durability, ease-of-use, appearance, and defeat resistance. Hard tags are available in a variety of styles for use in protecting apparel of all types from delicate lingerie to coats and hats, as well as hard goods such as sports equipment, hardware, electronics and others.

Security Tags Deactivators

Powered or manual, our detachers are sturdy, reliable, easy to use and can be mounted in a variety of ways for tremendous user flexibility. As added protection from unauthorized use, two our detacher models have EAS labels built inside to alert store management if they are removed from the store.

Security Labels

EAS labels are designed to provide the highest level of anti-shoplifting protection in the smallest label size possible. Ultra-Strip labels are popular with both retailers and source tagging manufacturers/distributors, and are available in sheet or roll formats for either manual or automatic, high-speed application. In addition to typical label requirements, also offers speciality label products for markets such as Food, Pharmacy, Books, Multi-media, and others.

Label Deactivators

Deactivators are ergonomic and easy to use and designed to help retailers maximise cashier efficiency for faster checkout lane throughput. Our innovative detect and deactivate intelligent software enhances productivity while integrated solutions to meet every dimension of a retailers check-out self service environments and match bi-planer scanning speeds. These errors are the main reason for false alarms that can both cause customer embarrassment and disrupt checkouts while store personnel intervene.

Safer Line

Line of safers provides the right solution for open merchandising and high security. The perfect tool for preserving customer convenience, safers allow shoppers to purchase merchandise without having to engage store employees to access items protected in locked cabinets or behind the POS. In a fast paced retail environment, customer convenience is paramount. Shoppers want immediate access to products without sacrificing valuable time. The safer line is the right answer for retailers to optimize customer convenience, product protection and open merchandising.

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