Parking Lot & Access Control System

Parking Lot & Access Control System

Goosafe is specialized in parking management system, especially MIFARE® parking management solution. We offer best service for all customers. Our products are not only safe and convenient, and also give the most reasonable management of man power. Products line includes parking barrier, entry station, exit station, automatic pay station, central management system, cashier station, tire blocker and bollards. All are designed for management of modern full automatic parking and fit for use at industry zone, residential zone, business building, office tower, governmental unit, recreation area and private parking lot.

Automatic Pay Station

Automatic Pay Station, or can also be called Auto Pay Station, pay on foot station, or pay and display machine, is set up on the way to parking lot exit or other proper location.

  • It offers self-service of parking fee collection to drivers.
  • It also provides automatic, humanized and safety management to parking lot.

Immediately after drivers inserted Parking Token into automatic pay station, the screen of station will display parking information and parking fee. System will guide drivers to complete payment process interactively by LED flashing light and voice messages.

Entry Station

Entry station EN-200 is set up at entrance of parking lot.

Car detector will start the entry station when vehicles enter induction area. System will start voice messages and LCD screen to guide drivers. Temporary parking drivers can press button to receive Parking Token.

Monthly parking card users only have to tap Parking card to induction area. All equipments are internet-connected to control the parking lot. Stations has stand-alone mode. System can operate on its own when system is offline. Data will be saved and send back to Central Management System after internet reconnected.

Exit Entry

Exit station EX-200 is set up at exit of parking lot.

Its LCD screen will show operation messages in English and Chinese and system will start playing voice messages to guide drivers.

Temporary parking drivers should insert parking tokens. Monthly parking card users only have to tap card to induction area.

Exit station will read data in the parking tickets. Barrier will open immediately if the driver has paid parking fee and still in buffer time. All equipments are internet-connected to control the exit of vehicles. Each station can also operate on its own, so system will still function well during other equipments’ failure or disconnected from Internet.

Parking Barrier

KG-520 parking barrier is installed at the parking lots’ entry and exit area. Parking barrier will open and close barrier by signal. (From car detector, remote control, central management system, and control box, etc.). System has different functions of dry contact for various types of space. KG-520 features functions of alert, detection, protection and anti-noise, etc. It can connect with automatic pay station, entry station, car detector, traffic light, remote controller, car exit alert and other traffic signals, etc. This system provides auto, user-friendly and safe management.

Central Management System

Central management system is the brain of automatic parking lot.

System collects all information of parking lot immediately and sends back to control center TCP/IP communication. Administrator can find out all parking lot information from system immediately. Traffic warden can resolve parking lot problems in shortest time when an error occurs. Administrator also can find out parking lot’s business situation by data record through business report. This is a real easy way for administrator to managing all parking business around the world.