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Video Conferencing

Telepresence and Video Conferencing

Huawei takes meetings into a new realm with video conferencing and telepresence products designed for today’s high-speed interaction and decision-making. Featuring HD, security, stability, interoperability, and large capacity, this series engages participants with vivid, seamless communications. Huawei video conferencing products have wide application in industries such as telemedicine, distance education, remote command, and in scenarios that require intensive interaction and collaboration.

Telepresence in Enterprise

  • Immersive experience, ease of use, network adaptation, system stability, security, reliability and hierarchical service with role-based management.
  • MCUs are deployed in headquarters and large branches, so that unified management, intelligent conference scheduling and hierarchical role-bases management can be achieved.
  • Single screen and dual screen RP series Telepresence Solutions are available for headquarter and branches with 40’, 46’, or 55’ ultra-slim LCDs, supporting three installation options (Wallmount, Floor mount, Wheeled or fixed).
  • Users can use tabletop HD video endpoints, videophones, mobile Pads, and PC clients to communicate "face-to-face" with virtual teams anywhere at anytime.

Telepresence for Small and Medium Business

  • HD video, cost-effective and quick deployment.
  • Huawei provides medium-sized corporations with MCUs ideal for 10 to 30 party conferences and smallsized corporations with video endpoints with 4 to 6 ports and built-in MCUs.
  • Single screen and dual screen RP series Telepresence Solutions are available with 40’, 46’, or 55’ ultra-slim LCDs, supporting three installation options (Wallmount, Floor mount, Wheeled or fixed).
  • Huawei provides desktop HD video solutions for branches and provides videophones for employees to ensure highly efficient video communication.
  • Employees on business trips can have face-to-face video communication using mobile Pads, PC clients and handsets.

TeleCommand Solution

  • Convergence of videoconferencing and monitoring systems helps expedite decision-making.
  • Multi-level visual dispatch center enables face-to-face negotiation among geographically dispersed centers to achieve collaboration.
  • Command and decision-making on the move; Telepresence emergency vehicle, 3G handset, and individual equipment enable users to participate in decision-making anywhere and anytime.
  • Multi-screen recording and displaying of an emergency control process supports the recording and displaying of an emergency processes using multiple video channels for the decision-making process.

TeleMedicine Solution

  • Medical system interconnection capability: Supports seamless interconnection with hospital information systems (HIS/PACS/RIS/LIS); supports interconnection with medical equipment from mainstream vendors, such as GE, Mindray, Olympus. Siemens, and KARL STORZ.
  • Ultra-HD video sharing: Provides HD video and audio communication and reproduction of medical data, creating an in-person experience for remote consultation and surgery demonstration.
  • Medical treatment video and data sharing: Endpoints are integrated with the medical treatment data to which the consultation experts can get access, enabling medical treatment data sharing across departments and hospitals.

TeleCourt Solution

  • Ultra-HD, face-to-face video trial: The Telepresence cloud service platform enables a flawless video trial that brings together remote trial personnel, and allows the simultaneous transmission of video and presentation of evidence. It helps reduce the risks of criminal evidence loss, guarantees the safety of the trial personnel, and improves the efficiency of judicial trial procedures.
  • Powerful encryption, high security: 128-bit encryption and dedicated E1 line access ensure the security of data transmission.
  • HD recording and network live broadcast: The entire trial procedure is recorded and stored, allows the ability of the trial being reviewed via the playback of the video.

TeleClassroom Solution

  • Flexible teaching modes: Supports multiple teaching modes, such as multimedia class, in-class interactive teaching, on-demand courseware, and remote teaching.
  • Remote HD interaction: Immersive distance education experience With HD Video and Directional Sound , real-time face-to-face interaction.
  • Professional environment design: specialized display, acoustics, and interaction design to provide a best possible instructional environment.
  • HD recording and Streaming: Use recording and streaming function, real-time teaching and presentations can be recorded, and be broadcast live or played on demand later.
  • One-stop delivery: With design, decoration, audio-visual system and Intelligent system integrated, the solution provides end-to-end delivery of small, medium, large, and high-end multimedia classrooms to satisfy the requirements of different teaching scenarios.
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