Wayfinding Solution

Truly Adaptable Digital Wayfinding

The only wayfinding solution that gives you complete control of your property floor plans, rooms, and paths. Our unique re-routing, pathway scheduling, and preferred routes allow your displays to navigate meetings, events, and promotions in a live and dynamic way. Edit turn-by-turn routes on-the-fly and create up-to-date Pathway rules for your guests’ routes.

Digital Directions

  • Visually relieve the directional frustration of visitors, guests and employees throughout any property.
  • Users can intuitively scroll through staff, departments, amenities, meeting rooms, and much more to find full location and contact information.
  • Add multi-touch capabilities to communicate precise and up to date destinations with the only true-wayfinding editing innovative, interactive solution.

Property wayfinding – Dynamic & Static

  • Simply integrate property maps for a more accurate and convenient reference point for your audience experience.
  • Dynamically highlight to all visitors with animated directional arrows, icons, and listings throughout your building or campus.
  • Promote events, services (available spaces, transportation) and other activities with digitally rendered floor-plans and database directory.

2.5D/3D Mapping

  • Enhance any visitors experience with a realistic 3-Dimenstional multi-building, multi-floor representation.
  • Create a virtual environment that can dynamically integrate to full campus pathways and cross-buildings.
  • Innovative true-user-made 3D map design capabilities to allow any user to knock down walls, update floors and booths.

Mobile Wayfinder – HTML or IOS/Android App based

  • Embedded with QR codes or customer URL; send multi-destination, multi-building, multi-floor, one-way, and popular locations to any users’ mobile device.
  • Leverages same data created/managed for the wayfinding displays and kiosks with 1-click to publish.
  • Also available as a downloadable iOS/Android native App.