Generator Management System

Generator Management System

Generator Management System

Full management system, to manage, control and monitor (generator performance, status, alarms etc.. together with fuel level, fuel leakage and oil pressure etc..) via a unified software, which allow the authority people at the control room to deal with the generators (monitor & control) interactive events and alerts in the most easy way.


  • Manual and remote start of generator.
  • Read and control all generators’ electrical parameters like V, HZ, KW, KVAR, and Kwh in addition to all Mechanical parameters like RPM, Oil Pressure and Whm via special software,PC and internet.
  • Monitor and configure all the parameters from one control room.
  • Monitor the tanks fuel levels.
  • Receive the alerts (E-mail, Phone and SMS) to any electrical or/and mechanical faults.
  • Receiving alerts when high drop fuel level or fuel leakage occurs.

Individual Generator

  • Based on SCADA
  • Remote control and monitoring, parameters adjustment.
  • Controller configuration and programming, controller.
  • firmware upgrade, cloning of configuration
  • Support of electronic engines.
  • Support of Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8

Multi Generator

  • Online monitoring of a controller or site.
  • Fully customizable SCADA diagram.
  • Browsing of all measured and computed values.
  • Browsing of controller history records.
  • Adjusting set points.
  • Receiving active calls.
  • PLC Monitor.

Power Synchronization System

  • Generator will be turned on/off automatically according to the load.
  • Reduce the fuel consumption.
  • Reduce maintenance cost.
  • Reliable, Scalable and Cost effective System.
  • Improve efficiencies and performance of the generators.
  • Able to be applied with the main power.
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