Intelligent Security System

Intelligent Security Solutions

Apollo provides an enterprise-level, high-security, high-traffic system that is at the same time scalable to suit smaller, growing systems while still having one of the most user friendly interfaces in the industry. In use at some of the most secure sites on the planet, Apollo systems have built a reputation of being reliable, robust and flexible. Apollo maintains a strong global presence in order to support its network of authorized dealers and system integrators. Comprising a total solution, Apollo covers all needs of an Access Control and Alarm monitoring package


Apollo's product line of AAN series controllers and AIM reader interfaces provides the building blocks by forming a highly reliable network that is highly reliable, fault tolerant and easily maintained. Apollo hardware has been proven time and again to be innovative, reliable and robust. Apollo manufacturers its full line of Access Control hardware at its state of the art manufacturing facility in Newport Beach CA, USA.


APACS software has been developed by Apollo to take full advantage of the hardware platform in a user-friendly interface. New features are constantly being developed to address unique demands of the many industries served. Apollo's APACS software supports our full range of Access Control equipment as well integrating 3rd-party solutions for a comprehensive security solution. With a user-friendly interface and easy sociability, APACS quickly becomes indispensable to all departments in your organization.


A crucial part of creating a total security package, Apollo systems integrate with a wide variety of 3rd party equipment as well as providing pathways for customers to create their own packages to support any system desired. Apollo's open technology philosophy allows easy integration of 3rd-party system including Digital Video, Intrusion, Fire, Perimeter, License Plate Recognition, Building Management Systems and many more.