School Management System

School & University Management Software

An integrated solution designed to efficiently manage student activities right from student admission, academic details, grade reporting, attendance tracking, fee collection, staff management, timetable allocation, library, accounts, transport, hostel, inventory and other utilities

School Management

  • Unlimited analytical reports for students, staff, financial issues… etc.
  • Easy control of the academic issues such as Grade book, timetable, exams, assignments, attendance… etc.
  • Easy touch with parents, teachers and students using the portals, forums and integrated sms & emails service.
  • Easy management of different types of fees and other financials.
  • Full management of the transportations.
  • Full management of the hostel.

Admission Management

  • Online application form.
  • Application issue and receipt.
  • Supports admission assessment and approvals.
  • Follow-ups for admission.
  • Admission payments based on school policy.
  • Student registration with photo & admission documents upload option.
  • Maintain Student admission details, Personal information, Demographic information, sponsor details, Health details and student relations (Sibling) information.

Academics Management

  • Management of different mediums such as English, Arabic etc.
  • Flexible student section allotment.
  • Students list using various combination of parameters.
  • Elective subject specification for students.
  • Assign Department, HOD and Supervisor.
  • Requisitions and approvals of Change Class requests.
  • Class attendance entry and easy attendance tracking for students.
  • Leave application and approvals for students.
  • Student assignments with tracking.
  • Tracking of syllabus and home assignment details .
  • Activity enrollment and attendance.

Transportation Management

  • Vehicle detail, Driver detail and transport route detail can be maintained.
  • Students boarding point details covering arrival and departure of school vehicles.
  • Trip schedule for regular trip and for request basis trips.
  • Reservation and booking of all official vehicles.
  • Break down & Incident log entries for vehicle.
  • Driver memo and Action taken.
  • Manage Fuel consumption details for each vehicle
  • Maintenance of vehicle logbook containing comprehensive vehicle, insurance and maintenance details.

Hostel Management

  • Room Templates to define room properties & services.
  • Room booking option for staffs and students.
  • Guest check-in and check-out.
  • Hostel attendance entry and leave application for Guests.
  • Change Room/Bed request for guests.
  • Maintain Guest log and visitor log.
  • Room Status, Reservation, Check-in, Check-out, maintenance history.
  • Guest memo, Complaints and Action taken details.
  • Room vacate application for guests.

What do we offer for Parents?

    Using the portal gateway the parents are able to:

  • Review the students performance and marks.
  • Make complains and suggestions.
  • Review the students attendance reports.
  • Review up-to-date students assignments and activities.
  • Review the teachers comments and notes about the students.
  • Receive notifications and alerts.
  • Review the exams and daily timetable.
  • Review the payment details.
  • Participate in the discussions with students and teachers in the different forums.

What do we offer for Students?

Using the portal gateway the students are able to :

  • Review assignments of the week.
  • Make a question to the teachers or admins .
  • Make a request for new activity.
  • Review the exams timetable.
  • Participate in the forums and make new friends.
  • Register in activities.
  • Send request to change class or transfer from school.
  • Send request to change hostel room or transportation route.
  • Review marks and performance level.

What do we offer for Teachers?

Using the portal gateway the Teachers are able to :

  • Make performance and marks reports.
  • Respond to complains and suggestions from students and parents.
  • Put the students attendance reports.
  • Update students assignments and activities.
  • Put comments and notes about the students.
  • Receive notifications and alerts.
  • Prepare the exams and daily timetable.
  • Participate in the discussions with students and parents in the different forums.