POS System for Restaurant and Retail success Different type of business POS can work for them

Restaurant dubai


restaurant POS is the first hybrid, fully redundant system in the industry.

Retail Shops

Retail Shops

solution for super market, grocery, card shops, hotel gift shops and gas stations.

Bars & Clubs in dubai

Bars & Clubs

robust system, bars and clubs require speed, precision and endurance.

Coffee Shops

Coffee Shops

the ultimate solution for the small corner shop to the large franchise.



was designed for franchise owners by a franchise owner.

Quick Service

Quick Service

speed and accuracy required by quick service restaurants.

Point of Sale Features

Increased Speed

On order taking at the drive through and the counter to help reduce
customer wait times and increase the number of orders in Quick Serve and Retail environments.

Greater Flexibility and Ease of Use

available in multiple configurations to meet many different space constraints and perform a variety of functions throughout your business.

Durable by Design

utilize the latest industrial design with an ultra-durable, shock and spill resistant casing that can withstand the toughest environments.

Higher Performance

include the latest technologies to provide fast processing that’s capable of handling complex software applications.

Easy to Service

easy to service design lowers service costs and maximizes uptime. Easy I/O port access simplifies connections to printers and other peripherals.

Optimal Guest Experience

enhanced customer engagement by enabling the terminal operator to articulate the height of the point of sale terminal, allowing for easier conversational selling.

Where Elegance and Power meet Advanced Design, Proven Reliability

Selecting the right POS hardware for your business is an important decision that impacts the level of service you provide your guests for many years.

While your business requires a POS system that is super rugged and has the reliability you can count on, you don’t want a POS terminal that detracts from your company’s image.

Now you can have a POS machine with the best of both worlds – elegant AND durable!

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