Is your Restaurant Software helping you run a better business? Simple, Flexible, Reliable and Powerful

The PAR EverServ software and hardware is designed for many types of hospitality establishments such as Quick service restaurants (QSR), Full Dining, Fast Casual, Bar, Nightclub and Pizza. If you have any type of hospitality establishment, whether it’s a single restaurant, multi-location or franchise, PAR PixelPoint Restaurant Point of Sale Solutions will help you better manage and understand your business in an efficient manner. Our company will be with you to guide you every step of the way. Some features of our restaurant system are highlighted below.

Increase speed and order accuracy

PixelPoint’s intelligent order flow and intuitive screen layouts enable you to increase your average number of transactions per day. Customer substitutions and order modifiers are handled accurately and quickly using customizable and intuitive screen layouts, which results in improved order accuracy and customer satisfaction and decreased finished waste.

Increase Sales with Digital Suggestive Selling

PixelPoint POS solution supports dual-screen hardware with a customer display that is ideal for counter service or quick service restaurants. Using PixelPoint’s powerful Form Designer tool you can design your order confirmation and customer-facing display screens to increase sales through cross-selling and promotions. PixelPoint automatically recognizes potential combos as items are ordered and uses suggestive selling pop-up buttons to ensure employees never miss the opportunity to up-sell a combo.

Extended Mobile POS Capabilities

PixelPoint makes it a perfect fit for extending POS mobility to wait staff using the latest tablets and can be integrated with online ordering (via third-parties) from consumer smart-phones. PAR WebView also provides mobile access to dashboards and reports for restaurant operators and managers.

Improved Decision Making

With PixelPoint business intelligence and analytics, restaurant operators can make decisions based on facts. Restaurant performance metrics are delivered in near real-time to ensure you have the information you need, when you need.

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